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Our Modern Maiden

Miss Anita Page

11/11/08 06:50 pm - usedtobeyou - A still from 1930

It's a shame this community is so quiet. Maybe this will "jazz" things up a bit.

Here's a gorgeous still of Anita from 1930:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

RIP Anita. You are greatly missed.

6/11/08 09:58 pm - jstewartgirl - Anita picspam!

To get the community active a bit, (and since I have more Anita photos then you could count) I thought I'd start off by posting photos of our lovely Anita.

More behind the cutCollapse )

6/10/08 09:45 pm - jstewartgirl - Welcome!

Greetings and welcome to the one and only Anita Page community on LiveJournal!

I'm jstewartgirl, a confirmed Anita fanatic, and I'm proud and delighted to be the new community maintainer. My prodigious thanks to sadclowns for first starting the group as well as for entrusting it to me. I intend to do my best to make it an active and thriving place. :)

Henceforth, affiliate requests and questions to the admin may be posted in a comment on this entry.
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